1939: A Retrospect Forty Years After - download pdf or read online

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By Roy Douglas

ISBN-10: 1349064424

ISBN-13: 9781349064427

ISBN-10: 1349064440

ISBN-13: 9781349064441

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They differ even more sharply from the questions which Germans themselves used to ask during the interwar period about the origins of the First World War. This second contrast brings out very sharply the change in outlook brought about by unconditional surrender in May 1945. The total collapse of Germany on that occasion exerted a much sharper effect upon subsequent German views and attitudes than did the decision of the German High Command in 1918 to seek an armistice: a decision taken while the army was still entrenched on enemy soil, and the German population was totally unprepared for the sudden turn of events.

When he formed his ideas about an alliance with Britain, notably in his so-called 'Second Book', around 1928,31 he imagined that the ruling elite had remained as imperialist in outlook as in the nineteenth century. 32 He persuaded himself that Great Britain was no longer interested in a strictly European balance of power - provided no European power challenged her maritime supremacy, as the incompetent Kaiser had done before 1914. There was no ground for antagonism provided each side respected each other's sphere of interest.

And other editions). 2. 'Cato' (Michael Foot, Frank Owen, P. Howard), Guilty Men (London, 1940) is the most famous. 3. A. J. P. Taylor, The Origins of the Second World War (London, 1961, and other editions). 4. Martin Gilbert and Richard Gott, The Appeasers (London, 1963). 5. Martin Gilbert, The Roots of Appeasement (London, 1966). 6. Taylor, The Origins of the Second World War, second edn (Hannonds· worth, 1964). 7. C. Peden, British Rearmament and the Treasury 1932-1939 (Edin· burgh, 1979).

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