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See also 408UL Installation Manual. • Nb of screens Number of screens attached to the workstation. If you select "2", you are required to specify the side (Left/Right) on which the extension screen is located, so that the mouse pointer can jump to the suitable border from one screen to the other when moved horizontally. g. an operator's name) to the workspace configuration saved by the SAVE SCREEN command accessible with the mouse right button (outside any window). The names, if any, contained in the list box are prompted as options whenever you select SAVE SCREEN or RESTART with the mouse right button.

I or /+i (or /-i) means an increment (or decrement) will be applied to the pre-existing values of the specified set of rows. 0311401 1-9 1 Introduction Working with windows • ADD button Used to generate a row or a set of rows, unless it is already defined in the list box. The rows to be created are specified in the index box as shown in the examples below : 1 generates row 1 in the list box. 1-5 generates rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 1-8/2 generates rows 1, 3, 5, 7 7-2/-2 generates rows 7, 5, 3 • CHANGE button Used to update a row or a set of rows (already defined in the list box) with the contents of one or more text boxes.

This also automatically performs a Look function, as well as an instrument test on the auxiliary traces . Current file number Number of shots being processed Number of shots to retrieve Acquisition length downcount or delay downcount The “408UL Activity” box shows the progress of the data flow, in the form of traffic lights for each stage in the 408UL.

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