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By Murray Bromberg

ISBN-10: 0764147811

ISBN-13: 9780764147814

This up to date vocabulary-building ebook offers the basic center of phrases that scholars at middle-school and better degrees needs to comprehend and manage to use fluently for tutorial luck. those phrases additionally represent crucial vocabulary for ESL scholars and test-takers, in addition to others who communicate English as their moment language. The authors current a sequence of short word-building classes, each one introducing 12 new phrases which are awarded in pattern sentences and brief articles. Fill-in-the-blanks workouts aid scholars degree their word-building growth. educated with transparent but basic definitions and examples, readers will locate their vocabulary has greater dramatically.

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B. I plan to exchange my urban location for a rural* one. c. Only a small minority* of the people of the United States live far from any urban area. 4. population (pop u Ia' shdn) people of a city or country a. China has the largest population of any country. b. * c. After the recent* floods, the population of Honduras was reduced by 10,000. 5. frank (frangk) free in expressing one's real thoughts, opinions, or feelings; not hiding what is in one's mind a. Never underestimate* the value of being frank with one another.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Most people agreed that he was a looking man because of the long red beard. Chuck's reason for quitting his job was ; he was not being paid. The answer to the question was so that everyone knew it. The tennis player would never make the Olympic squad. She was to take on any more responsibilities at work. People often tend to stories they hear. The bank is kept under very tight _ _ __ Because the box was so it took two men to lift it. Even though he was not a professional, the photographer entered the contest.

C. The proverb tells us that he who hesitates is lost. 33 34 504 ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL WORDS 9. absurd ( ab Se rd plainly not trUe Or Sensible; foolish a. It was absurd to believe the fisherman's tall tale. b. The flabby boy realized that the suggestion to diet was not absurd. c. Underestimating* the importance of reading is absurd. 1 ) 10. conflict (kan 1 flikt) direct opposition; disagreement a. Our opinions about the company's success in the last decade* are in conflict with what the records show.

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