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By by Rev. O. Hanson.

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Schneider (2002) outlines five possible categories of written texts which may be used as a basis for variationist studies and which he places on a continuum of increasing distance between the original speech event and its written record. 1. The boundaries between these categories are fuzzy, as Schneider himself admits, and not all of the categories are equally relevant when we come to consider the seventeenthcentury textual evidence. As regards the first two categories, which are closest to the actual speech event, H´eroard’s record of the Dauphin’s speech is likely to be partly Recalled – that is, not taken down on the spot but noted later from memory, possibly supported by notes – and partly Recorded.

To convey the notion of committing suicide in Mauritian or R´eunion Creole, the expression [tjes˜okor] (‘tuer son corps’) is used. Significantly, a similar expression is used in the creole of Martinique, namely tu´eco. In Old French mes cors, ses cors, etc. (‘my body’, ‘his body’) could be employed 24 Maigne (1992) argues that Tallemant des R´eaux’s Historiettes (c. 1657) provides many examples of spoken language, especially provincial usage, since these purport to contain citations of speech. Here again what we tend to find is the citation of odd words and utterances, particularly bons mots, rather than a sustained attempt to transcribe spoken French.

There is far from general agreement with Chaudenson’s position that these developed from the popular spoken language of the colonizers. Many consider creolization to be a special case of catastrophic change and radical restructuring which is the result of contact between typologically different languages, and the product of the use of a pidgin as a simplified transactional language. Some indeed have argued that they involve the relexification of an original Portuguese trading pidgin. Other hypotheses include the view that creoles are ‘mixed languages’ created from European and African languages, or that they are basically African languages with European lexical items inserted into their essentially African sentence structures.

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