Frederick Dale Bruner's A Theology of the Holy Spirit; The Pentecostal Experience PDF

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By Frederick Dale Bruner

ISBN-10: 0802815472

ISBN-13: 9780802815477

Bruner has been either thorough and reasonable, and has written a ebook that mixes scholarly examine with optimistic observation at the existence and undertaking of the modern Church.

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He summarized by remarking that it is only recently that Protestants have come to see the permanence and the significance of this move­ ment. " b. " Then Van Dusen prophesied: 27 28 I shall hazard a forecast: W h e n historians of the future c o m e to assess the m o s t significant development in Christendom in the first half of the twentieth century, they will fasten o n the ecumenical m o v e m e n t . . but next to this they will decide that by all o d d s the m o s t important fact in the Christian history of our times w a s a New Reformation, the e m e r g e n c e of a new, third major type and branch of Christendom, alongside of and not incommensurable with R o m a n Catholicism and historic Protestan­ tism, in many respects startlingly analogous to the most vital and d y n a m i c expressions of the sixteenth century Reformation.

The Shoe­ string Press, 1929 [reprinted 1 9 5 4 ] ) , pp. 62-63. N i e b u h r calls the Methodist revival "the last great religious revolution of the disinherited in Christendom" ( p . 7 2 ) . Might Pentecostalism n o w appropriate this description? 8 9 THE BACKGROUND AND THE 39 BEGINNINGS the Pentecostal understanding of a crisis and conscious experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit subsequent to conversion. Before John Wesley there may have been no such fully developed doctrine of a definite second work of grace, but since Wesley almost all those who have embraced this doctrine have been, wittingly or not, Wesley's children, and the greatest and today most prominent of these is Pentecostalism.

G o s p e l Publishing H o u s e , 1 9 4 9 ) , p. 100. 2 8 F o r the relevant doctrine of these figures see below, D o c u m e n t s , pp. 3 3 5 - 4 1 . A l l five of these m e n are cited in support of the Pentecostal baptism in the H o l y Spirit in Riggs, Spirit Himself, pp. ; Springfield, M o . : G o s p e l Publishing H o u s e , 1 9 5 3 ) , quotes the same five and uses substantially the s a m e five quotations, III, 5 9 - 6 1 . See G e o r g e T. B. D a v i s , Torrey and Alexander: The Story of a World-Wide Revival ( N e w Y o r k : F l e m i n g H .

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