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By David M. Stoll

ISBN-10: 0813520282

ISBN-13: 9780813520285

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The results showed that skin thickness increased from age five to age fifteen and then remained constant until age sixty-five. After that, the skin became progressively thinner. But, does thicker skin mean tougher skin? One way toughness has been defined is in terms of susceptibility to skin irritation. This has led to studies that use common chemicalsincluding soaps and detergentsto measure toughness. However, still more work is needed in order to determine whether thickness and toughness (or delicacy) are related.

So can work in and around the house. As women move into jobs that once went chiefly to menwhether construction work or high-level managementthey, and their doctors, have to be on the lookout for new kinds of skin problems that can be traced to their occupations. Whatever your work, if you are pregnant, or hoping to be, you have to consider the possibility that your skin's exposure to toxic materials on the job can harm the fetus. Then there are the rather considerable gender-based differences in social pressures about physical appearance and attractiveness.

These white lines disappear when proper caloric intake is restored. Prolonged anemia from a variety of causes, including chronically heavy menstrual bleeding or chronic alcoholism, can lead to the formation of spoon-shaped nails. Soft or brittle nails can result from extreme undernourishment, such as that which occurs in anorexia nervosa. There is also a decreased rate of nail growth in response to caloric deprivation, even when reasonably adequate nutrition has been maintained. Several conditions can cause the entire nail to become a dull yellow.

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