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By S. M. Geddes (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1349048062

ISBN-13: 9781349048069

ISBN-10: 1349048089

ISBN-13: 9781349048083

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The water must be stirred frequently, and the rate of rise of temperat ure is found by taking readings from the thermom eter at timed intervals. It is best to start the experiment with the water a few degrees below room temperat ure and allow it to rise an equal amount above, so that any heat loss through the lagging will effectively be cancelled out. The inner can of the calorimeter is weighed and its water equivalent is calculated. The rate at which heat is passing into the water, W, can then be calculated from the readings taken.

If E is greater than V, no balance-point can exist, and V must be increased. d. across the wire if E is small, so that the balance-point will occur near the centre of AB. s E 1 and E 2 by using them in turn in the position E, and finding the two balance-points C 1 and C 2 . Then, E1 E2 AC 1 AC2. s E 1 and E 2 as these cells are not supplying any current at balance, and are virtually on 'open circuit'. Provided that Vis steady, there should be no error introduced even if some contact potentials exist.

EXERCISES 1 A moving-coil milliammeter has resistance 15 Q and gives a full-scale deflection for a current of 5 mA. Calculate the value of the shunt that must be used with this meter so that it can measure currents up to 500 mA. 2 When a current of 1 mA is passed through a suspended-coil galvanometer, a deflection of 200 mm is observed on a scale some distance away. A 390 Q resistor is then placed in series with the galvanometer, which itself has a resistance of 10 Q. Find the sensitivity of the galvanometer under these new conditions.

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Advanced Physics by S. M. Geddes (auth.)

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