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By иллюстратор: Ангус МакБрайд

This publication makes us trip to the wonderful Tolkiens international. Its a really necesary ebook for rol avid gamers. exhibits the races and characters of midle earth.

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Griffon: Shining White. Rites are led by Adalfus Stormgatherer (LN hm Sha11 of Griffon/Uthgar) Red Pony: One Stone (long-extinct tribe). Red Tiger (Snow Cut): Beorunna’s Well. Rites are led by Garinen the Maker (CN hm Sha8 of Red Tiger/Uthgar) for both the Red Tiger and Black Lion tribes. Sky Pony: One Stone. Rites are led by Adalwyn Swiftwings (CN hm Sha8 of Sky Pony/Uthgar). This ancestral mound was once shared between the Sky Pony, Red Pony, and Golden Eagle tribes. The Sky Pony tribe is the only Uthgardt tribe left to use it.

Fortunately, if the shaman’s horns begin to grow too long for practical support on the human skeletal frame, the shaman sheds them one winter and begins to grow new horns in the spring, though this new set is darker in color than the original set. Gray Wolf Beast Power: Gray Wolf shamans are werewolf true lycanthropes. Regardless of the phase of the moon, they may assume wolf form or induce other werewolf lycanthropes (true or cursed lycanthropes) to assume wolf form with them by howling in wolf form.

Adventuring Garb: Shamans commonly dress as most Uthgardt do, in fringed leathers and furs (or in more heavy armor if a mission calls for it and they possess it). They accessorize their clothing with brightly colored feathers, quills, and dyework in complicated geometric patterns, mystic symbols, depictions of their totem animal, and holy relics. Male shamans tattoo their cheeks with the simple image of their totem beast. The few women who have fought Uthgardt tradition to become shamans usually do not sport such facial tattoos, but often possess tattoos on their arms in the form of tattooed bracelets and armlets of powerful symbols and the image of their beast totem.

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