Download e-book for iPad: Ars Magica, 5th Edition (Ars Magica Fantasy Roleplaying) by Jonathan Tweet

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By Jonathan Tweet

ISBN-10: 1589780701

ISBN-13: 9781589780705

Ars Magica ("The artwork of Magic") is the award-winning roleplaying online game that specializes in wizards who're as strong because the ones we all know from legend and literature, and the land of Mythic Europe, the place these legends are actual. the foundations inspire avid gamers to boost their characters over lengthy sessions of time, and make the covenant, the house base of the characters, as important to the tales as anybody personality. Troupe-style roleplaying permits gamers to tackle the jobs of alternative characters in several tales, in order that the gamers have equivalent entry to energy even supposing the characters don't. This new version is rewritten to enhance the foundations for current gamers, and to be extra appealing and obtainable to new audiences.

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