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By J.C. Jones

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Usually an organisation needing ‘credits’ in the environmental sense buys them from one with an excess and that is a one-off arrangement. In RECLAIM, NOx credits trading can be set up as a perpetuity. In this arrangement a concern with excess credits passes an agreed number along to a concern needing credits every year at a set price. The seller has an assured market and the buyer obtains credits at a good price. 3. A further example The engine of a diesel locomotive idles for a significant proportion of the time, and of course produces NOx whilst doing so.

Of course, as with the other particle size ranges considered there are major contributions from sources other than combustion processes. The effect whereby the smaller the particle size the greater the amounts of PAH carried, noted in the final row of the table, is likely to be largely a surface area effect. 4 Concluding comments A dispersion of fine particles in air is an example of an aerosol. The term applies equally to liquid droplets so dispersed. Here there is a point of contact both with the previous parts of the book on acid rain and the later part on volatile organic compounds.

1 Shale, tar sands, bitumen These tend to yield final products much higher in nitrogen than those from crude oil, and analogously to hydrodesulphurisation hydrodenitrogenation of these is possible. The two can be concurrent, but under any one set of conditions there will sometimes be a preponderance of one making the extent of the other of no practical value. Although the process of removing nitrogen from such fuels is not new, R&D is ongoing in order that for particular fuels and conditions effectiveness may be enhanced.

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