Download PDF by Phil Masters, Jonathan Woodward: Banestorm (GURPS, 4th Edition)

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By Phil Masters, Jonathan Woodward

ISBN-10: 1556347448

ISBN-13: 9781556347443

Welcome to the land of Yrth, a paranormal realm of particularly various races and monsters - together with humans snatched from our Earth and different worlds by way of the cataclysmic Banestorm! entire villages have been transported - from such diversified locales as medieval England, France, Germany, and the a long way East. Now people fight with dwarves, elves, and every different. The Crusades will not be historical heritage the following - they are present occasions! Characters can trip from the windswept plains of the Nomad Lands - the place fierce Nordic warriors search a valiant loss of life to earn a seat in Valhalla - to Megalos, the traditional empire the place magic and political intrigue cross hand in hand. Or trek south to the Muslim lands of al-Wazif and al-Haz to discover the forbidden urban of Geb'al-Din. This booklet updates the unique Yrth of GURPS 3rd variation myth and delusion Adventures. It presents GMs with a whole global historical past - background, faith, tradition, politics, races, and a close, full-color map - every little thing had to begin a GURPS crusade. Phil Masters (Discworld and Hellboy RPGs) and Jonathan Woodward (Hellboy and GURPS Ogre) have additional new peoples, areas, and plots, in addition to plenty extra on magic and mysticism, all of which conforms to the just-released GURPS fable and GURPS Magic. So organize to make your individual mark on Yrth. Plunder elven ruins whereas evading the wasteland natives. Play a peasant-born hero . . . an orcish pirate . . . a Muslim double agent commanded to infiltrate the Hospitallers. Yrth awaits the legend of you!

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They love sculpture, but most of their statues look like dull-witted musclemen; there is no sense of action. Most paintings are either lurid portraits with vague battle scenes in the background, or simple miniatures. freedom. Cardien lords compete to display the most sophisticated tastes, and often keep artists in their households; this competitive atmosphere leads to a fair amount of diversity and experimentation. Typical themes for Cardien art are either religious – paintings of scenes from the Bible or the lives of the saints, and statues of religious figures – or depictions of members of patron families, possibly doing something heroic but mostly simply looking noble and impressive.

LIFE IN YTARRIA soil, raise livestock, have children, and feed their families. Men work the fields, make their own tools, repair their cottages, and labor for their lord. Women make clothes, tend children, milk cows, and cook meals. In planting and harvest seasons, they may labor from dawn to dusk every day save Sundays and religious feast days; at quieter times, they have more scope for relaxation. A poor serf’s cottage has one room, containing a table, fireplace, and one bed which the entire family shares; greater wealth is indicated by anything from two beds up to multiple rooms.

Magical or alchemical contraception and disease control sometimes serve to moderate problems arising from all this, but there are too many fake “charms” on the market, and real cures and preventives aren’t always available – partly because such things are often regarded as not only undignified but so immoral that wizards accused of peddling them may be run out of town, or worse. ENTERTAINMENT However, Yrth’s acknowledged capital of the performing arts is the city of Tredroy (p. 142), which supports a large, permanent theater, home to a number of companies of entertainers – musicians, actors, and dancers.

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