Download PDF by Alain Godard, Jean-Jacques Lagasquie, Yannick Lageat, Y.: Basement Regions

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By Alain Godard, Jean-Jacques Lagasquie, Yannick Lageat, Y. Gunnell

ISBN-10: 3642568211

ISBN-13: 9783642568213

ISBN-10: 3642632017

ISBN-13: 9783642632013

The basement areas represent greater than two-thirds of outcropping bedrock fabric throughout our planet's continents. in the past 30 years French geomorphologists have contributed significantly to the characterization of a few of the legislation and styles of landform evolution in shields and crystaliine parts with altering bioclimatic environments. This quantity displays the hunt for a greater figuring out of landscapes and landforms in igneous and metamorphic terrains at diversified latitudes. in addition, it covers a large box of research collected on 4 continents and addresses the difficulty at a variety of spatial and timescales. it really is an awesome quantity not just for post-graduate geomorphology scholars but in addition for geoscience students fascinated by igneous petrology, quaternary geology, actual geography, soil technological know-how and land use planning.

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The key to an und erstanding of the denudation ch ronologies for each massif and , ultimately, for the entire Europ ean platform, resides in correctly constraining the tecton ic processes, and styles and inten sities of crustal uplift th at have been at play. The writings of Birotcontains the seeds of much of the research that was subsequently carried out in these regions, ranging from high-elevation passive margin s such as the Scandian mountain belt and eastern Greenland (Peulvast 1985b, 1991), South Africa (Lageat 1982,1983,1987a), Madagascar (Petit 1971), northern Labrador (Andre 1982), western India (Gunnell 1996a), to low-elevation and more discontinuous margin s such as Wales (Battiau-Queney 1980, 1982, 1983, 1991b), south-west England (Coque-Delhuille 1987a), Ireland (Conde 1995) or Galicia (Vergnolle 1988).

Upon first examination, the step-like morphology is interpreted as reflecting a sequence of discrete episodes of plateau uplift. Counter to the ideas ofW. Penck (see Klein 1997),if it is recognised that the development of a planation surface requires an interruption, or at least a relative slacking of the crustal uplift process, it is conceptually acceptable to consider that a multi-storeyed landscape is the expression of episodic rather than continuous uplift. In practice, however, things are more complex, since such a conceptual model of plateau uplift must also allow for block faulting .

Lagasquie • Marine transgressions: when invading land surfaces that have previously experienced protracted subaerial evolution in an aggressive weathering environment, wave action can constitute a powerful and efficient agent of abrasion and regolith removal (Simon-Coincon 1989; Coque-Delhuille 1991). The rate of basin subsidence controls the mode and degree of transformation of the scenery: if slow and continuous, marine abrasion will produce a vast and homogeneous surface; if occurring more rapidly or in pulses, palaeolandforms and tectonic escarpments are more likely to be preserved.

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