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By José Ignacio Hualde

ISBN-10: 0415056551

ISBN-13: 9780415056557

This ebook is the 1st accomplished remedy of the phonological approach of Basque on hand in English. Basque is a morphologically wealthy and reasonably ordinary language with a few lively phonological ideas which are constrained to convinced morphological environments. furthermore, it has a excessive measure of dialectical fragmentation. those features of Basque make this language a superb try out flooring to enquire the interplay of phonological ideas either with one another and with morphological procedures, which the writer does in the Lexical Phonology framework. the results of rule interplay on characteristic geometry are an incredible difficulty - how phonological operations alter underlying buildings and the way the constructions created by way of one phonological rule can function enter to different principles. those results are tested in a examine of the really strange behaviour of Basque affricates. one other region which calls for specific awareness, and during which Basque dialects fluctuate broadly, is prosody. besides stress-accent platforms of other forms, Basque additionally possesses pitch-accent or constrained tonal structures in a few of its western dialects. This e-book will be of curiosity to complex scholars and academics of linguistics, particularly Romance linguistics and lexical phonology.

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As indicated above, the most intimate case of morpheme-concatenation, with respect to the phonology, takes place in the inflectional morphology. In Basque, inflection is phrasal in its scope: only the leftmost constituent in the noun phrase is inflected. In the next subsection the inflectional morphology of Basque is presented in connection with the structure of the noun phrase. 2 Structure of the Noun Phrase4 Within the Noun Phrase, the order of elements is noun-adjectivedeterminer. The determiner position can be occupied by demonstratives, as in (6a), the definite article (6b), the numeral bat 'one' which also functions as an indefinite article (plural batzu(k) 'some') (6c) and some quantifiers.

Mutil buru-aundi-a/ boy head big the 'the big-headed boy' /iru-garen-a/ three nth the 'the third' /mendi goTi-a/ mountain red the 'the red mountain' [aundie] [gaTena] [gorie] [buruaundie] [irugarena] We can gain further insights into the organization of the lexicon in Baztan Basque by examining other phonological rules that interact with Low Vowel Assimilation. We will do this in the next section. 4 Interaction with other rules In this section, we will consider other rules that create or remove inputs for the application of Low Vowel Assimilation.

However, it is not totally clear that we can eliminate this sound from the phonemic inventory, since it appears also in words that do not seem to have a non-affective form such as ttar [car] 'small'. The status of the sonorant palatals [n], [X] is even more controversial, given a rule of Palatalization affecting the coronal nasal and lateral. 3 of chapter 4. The position of the velar voiceless fricative [x] is marginal in the system of the dialect. This sound is found in borrowings from Spanish and in very few other words (Salaburu (1984a: 269); N'Diaye (1970:19)).

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