Download e-book for kindle: BattleTech - The Periphery by Rick David Stuart

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By Rick David Stuart

ISBN-10: 1555600670

ISBN-13: 9781555600679

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The people of the Neck call their nation Okeanos, but are forced to recognize their Realm name. Most have become accustomed to saying “Okeanos” when speaking to natives and “the Neck” when speaking to foreigners. Technically, the chieftain of Okeanos is empowered to command the nation’s military. Realistically, no martial exploit can take place without the support of the individual patriarchs, as most tribal soldiers are loyal to their hometowns above Okeanos. The island nation has a long tradition of allowing pirates to seek haven in its ports in return for the safety of the nation’s ships, and the current chieftain Bua-Shing has even managed to turn pirates into a source of information about his nation’s enemies.

CHIEFTAIN BUA-SHING Bua-Shing is an older man with the bronze skin and gray-green hair of mixed Squalus and Smaragdi heritage. The chieftain is married to five wives, one from each of the tribes, and eight of his children have yet to reach adulthood. At all times he wears the Collar of Okeanos and a canvas cloak sewn with a fortune’s worth of ivory cowry shells. Bua-Shing is a quick-witted politician, with a successful history of weathering the demands of the Realm. He carefully maintains his predecessors’ use of the Collar of Okeanos and mundane redirection to ensure that the rest of Creation considers the Neck harmless.

The Neck treats Tya much as Wavecrest does, viewing them peaceably as an eccentric part of society. The main guildhouse is on Amphiro, and is considered a vacation spot by Tya passing through. The housewarden in the main guildhouse is Elder Xula, a one-eyed Tya with a history of trading with the Fair Folk. Xula coordinates incoming trade vessels, outgoing trade goods and a group of Tya pearl-divers who work across the Neck. Skullstone welcomes the Tya, treating them equally with male sailors and allowing them free access.

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