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By Randall N. Bills

ISBN-10: 389064970X

ISBN-13: 9783890649702

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Lfany are le{t after nine Rounds, turn to 363. If you manageto defeat them all, turn to 386- Ihe next day, you decide to get on with your mission and leaveSiltport. Tum to 21. 422 The young boy looks up in surpriseas you stePout of the shadowsbefore him. For a moment, his face g macesin fear but then he sniles. 'he asksin a voicefilled with hope and fear. 'I certainly am not,' you reply. urvive in this terible place. He looks around and, beckoning furtively, ushers you into the stable. Just a few he kept alive for duties during the day - since Zombies have no minds for anythmg other than killing.

Wlll you now setoff northwards on the road to Port Borgos(tum to 46) or go southeast towards Shamdabag Wood and then on to the village ofKeladon (turn to 325)? the nameis a horrible irony, a constantreminderof the 94 Darkness falls. You make camp just off the road in readinessfor any trouble. Aninn standsat the iunction the roads As you near it, you seethat it is called Down amone the Dead Men - doubtless in- ible e\ents which have befallenLhepeopleof . As you near the inn, you seea sign outside ie cemetery:'STAYNG CEMETERY' - but the rord 'Stayng' has been crossedout and 'Vampire' rrbslituted in a barelv leeible scrawl.

Turn to 58. 459 to break away from the battle beforeone &ing the skeletonscan circle around and attack you behind, you raceup the stairstwo at a hme. You glancebacl to seeyour pursuersnot fdr ind you, clambering up the stairs with their ique swords raisedto sble. Though only a dim glimmer of reason servesthem, they can see that 5rou are tired and lack the strength to flee any frrrther . You do not have to. Putting youi shoulder against lhe lack ofweapons, you heaveand push it over. As I falls, the skeletons come to a halt and start to retreat, but they are too slow.

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