Download e-book for iPad: Biologic Effects of Environmental Electromagnetism by Herbert L. König, Albert P. Krueger, Siegnot Lang, Walter

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By Herbert L. König, Albert P. Krueger, Siegnot Lang, Walter Sönning (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1461258596

ISBN-13: 9781461258599

ISBN-10: 1461258618

ISBN-13: 9781461258612

ARCHIVE replica don't eliminate the general public in industrialized international locations exhibits a mounting problem approximately organic results of electric and magnetic fields. consequently, experimental experiences in this topic are being released in expanding numbers during the global. Prof. H. L. Konig, of the Technical college of Munich, West Germany, a number one specialist and pioneer during this box, has written an authoritative textual content in a lucid sort which makes the fabric additionally obtainable to put readers. The e-book describes the results of typical in addition to man made electromagnetic energies protecting the en­ tire measurable frequency diversity from the top frequencies, x-rays, via microwaves, radio waves, and eventually tremendous low frequency (ELF) waves. Cit­ ing the facts from clinical stories in quite a few international locations, Konig additionally appraises the biologic results of microwaves and excessive pressure strength strains, that have develop into arguable concerns lately. different contributions to the ebook were made by way of Prof. Albert P. Krueger, college of California, Berkeley, on air ionization results and via the mete­ orologist Walter Sonning on biometeorology, documenting the effect of atmo­ spheric electric currents on future health and affliction. furthermore, the overdue Dr. Siegnot Lang, a former coworker of Dr. Konig, has contributed to this book.

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Their concentration is normally lOLI04/cm3 but may reach 105/cm3 in the air around large cities and industrial areas. The term aerosol refers to a group of colloids which is characterized by a mist-like dispersion of solid or liquid substances in a gas. If the particles are too small, that is, of atomic or molecular dimensions, they simply mix with the gas in the ordinary manner. If the particles are too large, "coarsely dispersed systems" are formed, such as damp fog, rain or snow. 5-5 cm/s. Thus aerosols include all gaseous, liquid or solid substances that are suspended in a gas as physicochemical entities 1-10 40 Electrophysical Forces of Natural Origin Table 2-1.

A- : ,, , 29 b- '0, ,, I I , I 4 8 6 10 12 e- Lokaizeit 14 16 Figure 2-13. Daily variation of relatively strong ELF atmospherics (8-Hz Schumann resonance). Key: a-Relative intensity; b- Yearly average; c-June/July; d-December/January; e-Local time a- Zeit a- secI' Zeit /lse ~-10~10-~2~b~0--3~6~0--4-0~10--5~06~1---1+bo---2~~~-3~b~0---4~bo~~~±i~ 0~50 km D~5000 km 0~6000 km 0-2000 km -b Figure 2-14. ,r Welienieiter c- sphAr1acher WeUenieiter Waveforms of VLF atmospheric signals at various distances D from the point of origin (lightning) between 50 and 15,000 km for plane and spherical waveguides.

V Sunrise effect, electric field. waveform for the fixed observer as they propagate farther from their point of origin in the earth-ionosphere waveguide (Fig. 2-14). Rhoads and Garner (1967) devised a measure for estimating the attenuation of propagating VLF signals: between about 200 km and 2000 km, the signal amplitude diminishes by about 15-18 db/1000 km. At greater distances the attenuation of IS-kHz signals is approximately 4 db/ 1000 km (Fig. 2-15) or 2 db/1000 km (Fig. 2-16). The attenuation as a function of frequency is plot- ted over a greater range in Fig.

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Biologic Effects of Environmental Electromagnetism by Herbert L. König, Albert P. Krueger, Siegnot Lang, Walter Sönning (auth.)

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