New PDF release: Burok Torn: City under Siege (D20 Generic System)

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  • March 16, 2018
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By Michael Johnstone (Editor)

ISBN-10: 1588461874

ISBN-13: 9781588461872

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Bursting from Adderpool, the dragon was greeted by praise rather than screams. The Blackearth clanliege and god caller, Alasonci Blackearth, welcomed Seryzilian as the Mother of Fangs, dowager of snakes, shadows, and swamps-a warped Sarkorian vision of the Eldest known as the Green Mother. The swamp folk praised the dragon's arrival as the answer to their prayers, the coming ofa power to thwart their foes. The black dragon did not correct the humans' mistake, eagerly adopting the persona ofthe Mother of Fangs, vicious mistress ofthe swamp.

During her slumber, she leaves Lesaul to lead her people, aided by the clanliege's terrible mothers and sister, the green hags Burieloc, Jalaches, and Urulu, whose magic and grotesque hungers have manipulated the swamp folk for ages. Seryzilian cares little for the crones' foul decadence, exploiting their power to serve her and watch over distant reaches so she might know when the time is right to expand the worship ofthe Mother ofFangs beyond her swampy realm. , fly 2 5 0 ft. (c l u m sy), swim 60 ft.

After a tempestuous courtship (by dragon standards), Maghara and Rokiere mated and he returned to Rahadoum. " Impressed that the Farthin13 and its crew had braved the Eye to carry Rokiere's message, Maghara felt it only fair to accompany them on the return voyage. Rather than skirt the Shackles around the Cannibal Isles or Shark Island, the dragon and crew tried to slip past the Rampore Isles and Bag Island, close to Dahak's Fang. Aashaq the Annihilator herself came swooping out of the clouds like a raptor, breathing fire.

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Burok Torn: City under Siege (D20 Generic System) by Michael Johnstone (Editor)

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