Gurps High-Tech by S. A. Fisher, Michael Hurst, Hans-Christian Vortisch PDF

By S. A. Fisher, Michael Hurst, Hans-Christian Vortisch

ISBN-10: 1556347707

ISBN-13: 9781556347702

All of the apparatus is right here! In 256 meticulously researched pages, GURPS High-Tech offers descriptions and stats for 1000s of different types of historic guns and private armor, cars from the stagecoach to trendy helicopters, and masses extra. GURPS High-Tech additionally has the equipment and contraptions characters want. conversation, from early telegraphs to fashionable pcs; instruments of the exchange for detectives, spies, and thieves; tenting apparatus, rations, and first-aid kits; company playing cards, watches, and classy duds - this booklet has every thing, for encounters from the desert to excessive society and every little thing in among. GURPS High-Tech is the total source for gear from the 18th century throughout the smooth age, and should be preferred by means of video game Masters it doesn't matter what approach they use!

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Get Savage Worlds: Rippers PDF

By Great White Games

ISBN-10: 0976360136

ISBN-13: 9780976360131

Every body is aware there aren't any things like monsters. you recognize larger. To the normal humans of Victorian society, monsters are yet foolish superstitions or the inexpensive fiction of the penny books bought at the streets. yet you're faraway from usual. you could have obvious horrors fearsome sufficient to forestall a courageous man?s middle, and you've got lived to inform the story. you're a Ripper?one of a mystery band of monster hunters devoted to saving humanity and the horrors that stalk the evening are your prey. to help you, Rippers extract the essence of those monsters powers and use them to augment your talents. yet be warned, through taking such bad measures you probability wasting your brain or worse. Torn among the necessity for better strength and the specter of terrifying madness, you want to opt for how most sensible to struggle the creatures of the evening. select good; for if the Rippers fail, humanity is misplaced! Rippers is a a hundred and forty four web page full-color Plot element atmosphere for the Savage Worlds Roleplaying video game.

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Download PDF by Coleman Charlton: Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing

By Coleman Charlton

ISBN-10: 1558065504

ISBN-13: 9781558065505

Organize your self! you're approximately to start your trip towards the final word fable function enjoying experience! we all know you've got nice tales to inform and engaging characters to play. So do your fable justice and use the main versatile ideas round: Rolemaster fable function Playing!

Why have your grand stories restricted by way of the principles you employ? decide upon the method which tells your tale your manner. Rolemaster has been the process of selection for GMs and avid gamers for nearly twenty years. They select Rolemaster since it supplies them precisely what they wish for his or her function taking part in adventures. you may also now sign up for the enlightened.

Rolemaster fable function Playing is simpler than ever to appreciate and all you want to play the sport - wrestle, personality construction, and spell casting - are available within the pages of this one e-book! different supplementations can be bought so as to add as a lot aspect or taste as you wish, yet the entire required ideas are right here.

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Read e-book online Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide PDF

By Paizo Inc.

ISBN-10: 1601252692

ISBN-13: 9781601252692

The easiest of All attainable Worlds

Discover the realm of Golarion, the reliable crusade atmosphere for the smash-hit Pathfinder Roleplaying video game! A time of misplaced prophecies grips the realm, bringing with it an endless maelstrom, a tear within the textile of fact, a surge of diabolism, and the unending risk of conflict. but all isn't misplaced, for those darkish instances supply plentiful chance for event and heroism.

• inside of this fascinating and informative 320-page tome you'll find:
• designated summaries of the participant personality races local to Golarion, together with greater than a dozen targeted human ethnicities
• tricky gazetteers of greater than forty crumbling empires, expansionist kingdoms, self sufficient city-states, and monster-haunted wildlands of Golarion’s adventure-filled internal Sea zone, with destinations excellent for almost any form of delusion campaign
• Cultural details and Pathfinder RPG ideas masking the 20 center deities of the interior Sea, plus entries on different gods, demigods, forgotten deities, bizarre cults, unusual philosophies, and more!
• an summary of the internal Sea’s heritage, a glance at time and house, a dialogue of magical artifacts and technological wonders, discussions of significant factions and companies, and hundreds and hundreds of destinations ripe for adventure!
• a whole bunch new suggestions for participant characters, together with internal Sea-themed status periods, feats, spells, adventuring apparatus, and magic items!
• 9 new monsters, together with unique humanoids of the skies and seas, undead and dragons, and an indignant demon lord in exile!
• an immense 21.75"x33" poster map that finds the sweeping panorama of the internal Sea in all its treacherous glory!

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Get Pathfinder Player Companion: Knights of the Inner Sea PDF

By Paizo Inc.

ISBN-10: 1601254601

ISBN-13: 9781601254603

Nleash righteous fury and vanquish those that oppose your noble name to fingers! subscribe to the forces of fine or evil on your pursuit to unfold the notice of your liege, or devote your self to a spiritual or own code of knightly behavior. even if you’re a muscle-bound weapon of religion bedecked in metal plate or a spellcaster dedicated to the god of magic, this quantity bargains numerous suggestions to those that stroll the elite direction of knighthood.

Knights of the internal Sea offers a player-focused, in-depth dialogue of what it ability to be a knight at the international of Golarion, the place on a daily basis is a tribulation opposed to forces that search to enslave or obliterate humanity, and it’s as much as a stalwart few to struggle again opposed to the weather of corruption for the betterment of all. each Pathfinder participant spouse comprises new thoughts and instruments for each Pathfinder RPG player.

Inside this ebook, you’ll find:
• An in-depth research of some of the different types of knights that roam the internal Sea zone, and roles that aid outline precisely what those diversified orders stand for.
• New spells, magic goods, personality suggestions, and characteristics to aid knightly adventurers distinguish themselves as excellent champions in their causes.
• a close dissection of a knight’s armaments and her horse’s barding, in addition to an exploration of heraldry and its functionality in the course of the internal Sea.
• New principles for mounts either enormous and bestial, together with descriptions and characteristics for the various internal Sea’s such a lot well known breeds.
• principles for buying a devoted squire to help a knight in her noble endeavors, together with new archetypes to additional specialize those stalwart sidekicks.

This Pathfinder participant significant other is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game, yet can simply be included into any myth world.

Written via Dylan Birtolo, Gareth Hanrahan, Steve Kenson, Patrick Renie, Tork Shaw, and Jerome Virnich.

Each per month 32-page Pathfinder participant better half includes numerous player-focused articles exploring the volume’s subject in addition to brief articles with cutting edge new ideas for every type of characters, in addition to characteristics to raised anchor the participant to the campaign.

Note: Dylan Birtolo's identify used to be inadvertently left off the credit web page. Sorry approximately that, Dylan!

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Paizo Staff's Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Undead Revisited PDF

By Paizo Staff

ISBN-10: 1601253036

ISBN-13: 9781601253033

For many humans, dying is a unencumber, a passage into the simply rewards of the afterlife. but no longer every person who dies rests effortless. Legends and campfire stories inform of these members too evil to die, or too twisted through delight or occult wisdom to go over to the opposite aspect. those misplaced souls develop into the undead, plaguing the darkish crypts or silent streets of towns and farm cities alike, feasting at the blameless or spreading their immortal contagion like a plague.

Undead Revisited explores 10 assorted undead monsters—or complete breeds of monsters—from either real-world heritage and the usual traditions of delusion roleplaying. every one monster access explores the undead creature’s formation and ecology, its interactions with its sufferers and different undead, suggestions and tips concerning its position in a crusade, variation models for extra gaming application, and extra. moreover, each one access comes with a different pattern monster, entire with complete information for the Pathfinder RPG and able to be dropped into any game.

Inside this 64-page ebook, you’ll find:
• Liches, the twisted spellcasters who lock away their souls so dying could by no means declare them
• Devourers, who shape from the spirits of strong spellcasters and fiends that enterprise into the darkness past the planes and are available again endlessly tainted
• Raveners, the undead dragons wrapped within the soul power of these they destroy
• Spectral useless, these formless spirits equivalent to the wailing and betrayed banshees, the insane allips, the livid spectres, and the supremely evil wraiths
• Shadows, these souls too covetous and miserly to relinquish their take hold of on life
• Bodaks, the eyeless horrors twisted through points of interest nobody used to be intended to see
• Graveknights, whose lust for conflict is aware no end—not even in death
• Nightshades, the planar juggernauts who search to snuff all lifestyles from the cosmos
• Mohrgs, the undead murders who upward push after dying to stalk the streets
• Wights, with their insatiable starvation for the souls of the living

Undead Revisited is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and Pathfinder crusade atmosphere, yet can simply be utilized in any fable video game environment.

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Pinnacle Entertainment's Savage Worlds: Slipstream PDF

By Pinnacle Entertainment

ISBN-10: 098152818X

ISBN-13: 9780981528182

Go through any of the black holes that dot the universe and also you input Slipstream, a pocket universe of shattered worlds. Slipstream is domestic to myriad extraterrestrial beings, however it is additionally their legal, for there is not any escape.

Amid the fragments of worlds ideas the technology and style of Nineteen Thirties Saturday morning pulp serials, for Slipstream is a realm of square-jawed heroes, ray weapons, bizarre technological know-how, and rocketships. it's a realm the place the morals are black and white, the place sturdy triumphs over evil, and the place probability lurks at each turn.

Ruling over Slipstream is the diabolical queen Anathraxa and her horde of Hand Maidens, Primals, and Minions. All bow sooner than her, paying tribute to prevent destruction. None have had the braveness to face opposed to her forces, no less than now not beforehand. For this is often the position your heroes will take-bastions of sunshine opposed to a depressing foe! Strap in your rocket pack, cost your ray gun, and get ready to blast off on wild and unique adventures!

Slipstream is a pulp technology fiction Plot element surroundings for the award-winning Savage Worlds RPG. (full colour, hardcover & PDF codecs, a hundred and sixty pages)

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Get Savage Worlds: Broken Earth PDF

By Sneak Attack Press

Bombs fell. Billions died. Now you need to decide up the items and rebuild this damaged Earth.

Broken Earth is an event atmosphere that occurs in a post-apocalyptic model of Earth. It bargains with a small fraction of the area, what used to be the northern Midwest of the U.S., and a tiny little bit of southern principal Canada. As an event atmosphere, damaged Earth comprises many compelling destinations and adventures, but in addition provides the heroes freedom to discover the world.

The ebook provides the GM every thing you want to run a protracted crusade within the damaged Earth environment, together with destinations, NPCs, plot issues, mutant monsters, and a close first experience that brings the social gathering together.

This e-book additionally includes every little thing within the damaged Earth Player's advisor. when you are a participant in a damaged Earth crusade you should try out the Player's advisor in its place. while you are a GM you want to simply get this booklet. you don't need both.

This is the Savage Worlds appropriate model of the e-book. The is additionally a Pathfinder RPG appropriate model.

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New PDF release: Mexico City by Night (Vampire: The Masquerade)

By Philippe R. Boulle, Dean Shomshak, Lucien Soulban

ISBN-10: 1588462285

ISBN-13: 9781588462282

Stronghold of the Sabbat: the town teems with over 20 million mortals. because the sunrise of the hot international, Mexico urban has been the bastion of the Sword of Caine. within the glossy nights, it continues to be that approach, although stricken by Cainite overpopulation and sundered from inside by means of inner dissent. even though it offers a daring facade, how robust is the Sabbat's sprawling domestic? Mexico urban via Night: contains a entire atmosphere for Vampire tales; is acceptable for characters of any age or strength point; and permits characters to impact the destiny of the Sabbat itself, may still they decide to examine its bleakest secrets.

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