Download e-book for kindle: Characters (GURPS, 4th Edition) by Steve Jackson, David Pulver, Sean Punch

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By Steve Jackson, David Pulver, Sean Punch

ISBN-10: 1556347294

ISBN-13: 9781556347290

With GURPS, you'll be a person you will want - an elf hero combating for the forces of excellent, a shadowy femme fatale on a deep-cover challenge, a futuristic swashbuckler carving up foes with a strength sword in his hand and a stunning lady through his facet . . . or actually anything! GURPS has been the preferable common roleplaying online game for nearly 20 years. the hot Fourth version makes it even larger! GURPS simple Set: Characters combines info from the 3rd variation GURPS simple Set and GURPS Compendium I, plus 1000's of latest and up to date ideas! This 336-page, full-color hardcover includes every thing you want to create and play a GURPS Fourth variation personality.

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This will keep his value as an advantage constant. The GM decides how the Ally evolves, although he might ask you for your input. If your Ally dies through no fault of yours, the GM will not penalize you. You may put the points spent on the deceased Ally toward a new Ally. , saving his life). This is especially appropriate in cultures where debts of honor are taken seriously! There is no penalty for amicably parting ways with your Ally. You may use the points spent on him to buy a new Ally met during play.

You can also add advantages in play, if the GM permits. ) are advantages, and you could realistically acquire any of these in the course of the game. Magic and high technology can often grant advantages as well. For information on adding advantages in play, see Chapter 9. TYPES OF ADVANTAGES Advantages fall into several broad categories, each of which has affects who can possess those advantages and how they work in play. Mental 2, Physical 3, and Social 4 Mental advantages originate from your mind, or perhaps even your soul.

61) – are only “on” while you are attacking. An advantage like this requires a one-second Attack maneuver to use; you cannot switch it on continuously without a special enhancement. Exceptions to these guidelines are noted explicitly. ADVANTAGE LIST 360° Vision 3 1 Special Limitations 25 points You have a 360° field of vision. You have no penalty to defend against attacks from the sides or rear. You can attack foes to your sides or rear without making a Wild Swing, but you are at -2 to hit due to the clumsy angle of attack (note that some Karate techniques do not suffer this penalty).

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Characters (GURPS, 4th Edition) by Steve Jackson, David Pulver, Sean Punch

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