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By Louis Evan Grivetti

ISBN-10: 0470121653

ISBN-13: 9780470121658

ISBN-10: 0470411317

ISBN-13: 9780470411315

International organization of Culinary execs (IACP) 2010 Award Finalists within the Culinary History category.

Chocolate. all of us like it, yet how a lot can we quite learn about it? as well as unique palates due to the fact that precedent days, chocolate has performed an fundamental function in tradition, society, faith, medication, and financial improvement around the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In 1998, the Chocolate heritage team was once shaped via the college of California, Davis, and Mars, included to record the interesting tale and background of chocolate. This ebook positive factors fifty-seven essays representing study actions and contributions from greater than a hundred contributors of the crowd. those participants draw from their backgrounds in such diversified fields as anthropology, archaeology, biochemistry, culinary arts, gender experiences, engineering, background, linguistics, food, and paleography. the result's an extraordinary, scholarly exam of chocolate, starting with historic pre-Columbian civilizations and finishing with twenty-first-century reviews.

here's a sampling of a few of the interesting issues explored contained in the booklet:

  • historic gods and Christian celebrations: chocolate and faith

  • Chocolate and the Boston smallpox epidemic of 1764

  • Chocolate pots: reflections of cultures, values, and occasions

  • Pirates, prizes, and gains: cocoa and early American east coast exchange

  • Blood, clash, and religion: chocolate within the southeast and southwest borderlands of North the United States

  • Chocolate in France: evolution of a luxurious product

  • improvement of notion maps and the chocolate study portal

not just does this booklet provide cautious documentation, it additionally good points new and formerly unpublished info and interpretations of chocolate heritage. additionally, it deals a wealth of surprising and fascinating evidence and folklore approximately one of many world's favourite foods.Content:
Chapter 1 Cacao use in Yucatan one of the Pre?Hispanic Maya (pages 3–15): Gabrielle Vail
Chapter 2 Tempest in a Chocolate Pot (pages 17–26): Martha J. Macri
Chapter three historic Gods and Christian Celebrations (pages 27–35): Louis Evan Grivetti and Beatriz Cabezon
Chapter four Chocolate and Sinful Behaviors (pages 37–48): Beatriz Cabezon, Patricia Barriga and Louis Evan Grivetti
Chapter five kingdom of Nowhere (pages 49–64): Celia D. Shapiro
Chapter 6 Medicinal Chocolate in New Spain, Western Europe, and North the USA (pages 67–88): Louis Evan Grivetti
Chapter 7 Chocolate and the Boston Smallpox Epidemic of 1764 (pages 89–97): Louis Evan Grivetti
Chapter eight From Bean to Beverage (pages 99–114): Louis Evan Grivetti
Chapter nine Chocolate as drugs (pages 115–126): Deanna Pucciarelli
Chapter 10 Chocolate coaching and Serving Vessels in Early North the USA (pages 129–142): Amanda Lange
Chapter eleven Silver Chocolate Pots of Colonial Boston (pages 143–156): Gerald W. R. Ward
Chapter 12 Is it a Chocolate Pot? (pages 157–176): Suzanne Perkins
Chapter thirteen advertisement Chocolate Pots (pages 177–181): Margaret Swisher
Chapter 14 function of alternate playing cards in advertising Chocolate throughout the past due nineteenth Century (pages 183–191): Virginia Westbrook
Chapter 15 advertisement Chocolate Posters (pages 193–198): Margaret Swisher
Chapter sixteen Chocolate on the World's festivals, 1851–1964 (pages 199–208): Nicholas Westbrook
Chapter 17 Pirates, Prizes, and earnings (pages 211–218): Kurt Richter and Nghiem Ta
Chapter 18 How a lot is That Cocoa within the Window? (pages 219–226): Kurt Richter and Nghiem Ta
Chapter 19 “C” is for Chocolate (pages 227–242): Louis Evan Grivetti
Chapter 20 Chocolate, Crime, and the Courts (pages 243–254): Louis Evan Grivetti
Chapter 21 darkish Chocolate (pages 255–262): Louis Evan Grivetti
Chapter 22 Chocolate and different Colonial drinks (pages 265–279): Frank Clark
Chapter 23 Chocolate creation and makes use of in seventeenth and 18th Century North the USA (pages 281–300): James F. Gay
Chapter 24 Chocolate's Early heritage in Canada (pages 301–327): Catherine MacPherson
Chapter 25 an important luxurious (pages 329–343): Anne Marie Lane Jonah, Ruby Fougere and Heidi Moses
Chapter 26 Chocolate production and advertising in Massachusetts, 1700–1920 (pages 345–358): Anne Blaschke
Chapter 27 Boston Chocolate (pages 359–373): Louis Evan Grivetti
Chapter 28 Dutch Cacao alternate in New Netherland in the course of the seventeenth and 18th Centuries (pages 377–380): Peter G. Rose
Chapter 29 Chocolate intake and creation in New York's top Hudson River Valley, 1730–1830 (pages 381–387): W. Douglas McCombs
Chapter 30 Chocolate Makers in 18th Century Pennsylvania (pages 389–397): James F. Gay
Chapter 31 Breakfasting on Chocolate (pages 399–412): Nicholas Westbrook, Christopher D. Fox and Anne McCarty
Chapter 32 Chocolate and North American Whaling Voyages (pages 413–422): Christopher Kelly
Chapter 33 Blood, clash, and religion (pages 425–437): Beatriz Cabezon, Patricia Barriga and Louis Evan Grivetti
Chapter 34 Sailors, infantrymen, and Padres (pages 439–463): Louis Evan Grivetti, Patricia Barriga and Beatriz Cabezon
Chapter 35 From Gold Bar to Chocolate Bar (pages 465–478): Bertram M. Gordon
Chapter 36 Caribbean Cocoa (pages 481–491): Janet Henshall Momsen and Pamela Richardson
Chapter 37 Caribbean Chocolate (pages 493–504): Janet Henshall Momsen and Pamela Richardson
Chapter 38 heritage of Cacao Cultivation and Chocolate intake in Cuba (pages 505–522): Niurka Nunez Gonzalez and Estrella Gonzalez Noriega
Chapter 39 historical past of Cacao and Chocolate in Cuban Literature, video games, track, and Culinary Arts (pages 523–542): Estrella Gonzalez Noriega and Niurka Nunez Gonzalez
Chapter forty developing Cacao Plantation tradition within the Atlantic international (pages 543–558): Timothy Walker
Chapter forty-one remedy or Confection? (pages 561–568): Timothy Walker
Chapter forty two Chocolate in France (pages 569–582): Bertram M. Gordon
Chapter forty three trade, Colonies, and Cacao (pages 583–593): Bertram M. Gordon
Chapter forty four chinese language Chocolate (pages 595–604): Bertram M. Gordon
Chapter forty five Cacao, Haciendas, and the Jesuits (pages 607–610): Beatriz Cabezon
Chapter forty six From Stone Metates to metal turbines (pages 611–623): Rodney Snyder, Bradley Foliart Olsen and Laura Pallas Brindle
Chapter forty seven Adulteration (pages 625–634): Laura Pallas Brindle and Bradley Foliart Olsen
Chapter forty eight Making Colonial period Chocolate (pages 635–645): James F. homosexual and Frank Clark
Chapter forty nine American historical past Chocolate (pages 647–651): Eric Whitacre, William Bellody and Rodney Snyder
Chapter 50 Twenty?First Century Attitudes and Behaviors concerning the Medicinal Use of Chocolate (pages 653–666): Deanna Pucciarelli and James Barrett
Chapter fifty one Symbols from precedent days (pages 669–698): Beatriz Cabezon and Louis Evan Grivetti
Chapter fifty two Digging for Chocolate in Charleston and Savannah (pages 699–713): Laura Pallas Brindle and Bradley Foliart Olsen
Chapter fifty three administration of Cacao and Chocolate information (pages 715–721): Matthew Lange
Chapter fifty four Base steel Chocolate Pots in North the US (pages 723–730): Phil Dunning and Christopher D. Fox
Chapter fifty five Blue and grey Chocolate (pages 731–741): Louis Evan Grivetti
Chapter fifty six Chocolate Futures (pages 743–773): Louis Evan Grivetti and Howard?Yana Shapiro

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Extra info for Chocolate: History, Culture, and Heritage

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Walter Baker & Company chocolate trade card depicting the Exhibition Building at the Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893. 3. 6. Walter Baker & Company’s Choice Receipts by Miss Parloa chocolate trade card from the Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893. 7. Stollwerck chocolate trade card (obverse) depicting the Columbian Exposition. 8. J. Van Houten & Zoon Pavilion at the Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893. 10 Blooker chocolate trade card (obverse), from the Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893. 1.

22. 23. Coffeepot, one of four pieces, from a coffee set made at the Sevres factory in 1836. 4. Twentieth century German chocolate pot. 5. Twentieth century, English Wedgewood chocolate pot. 1. Runkel chocolate trade card. 2. Walter H. Baker chocolate trade card. 3. Millard chocolate trade card. 4. Van Houten chocolate trade card. 5. Huyler chocolate trade card. 7. Bendorp chocolate postcard. 8. Phillips chocolate trade card. 9. Cherub chocolate trade card. 10. Van Houten chocolate trade card. 1.

Chocolatière and cafetière made of silver-gilt with an asymmetrical form, manufactured by Jean-Jacques Ehrlen, Strasbourg, France, circa 1736–1750. 5. Silver chocolatière commissioned by Catherine the Great of Russia as a gift for Count Gregorii Orlofv, manufactured by Jacques-Nicolas Roettiers, Paris, France, dated early 1770s. 6. Earthenware chocolatière of the faïence fine style, manufactured by the Rue de Charenton factory, Paris, circa 1750s–1760s. 7. Sevres porcelain chocolatière owned by Prince Yusupov.

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