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Examines the development of best scientists engaged on a number of features of handedness so that it will think of the incidence of handedness within the organic global. presents in-depth assurance of the beginning and improvement of morphological asymmetry taking place in such a lot forms of residing organisms.


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Chain topology Inspection of protein structures shows that the pathways followed by polypeptide chains are subject to limitations and preferences. These can be summarized as follows: (1) Pieces of secondary structure that are adjacent in the primary sequence are often in contact in three dimensions and usually pack in an antiparallel, rather than parallel, manner (Fig. 5a). (2) The connections in P-X-P units (where the ps are parallel strands in the same sheet, though not necessarily adjacent, and X is an a-helix, a strand in a different sheet, or an extended piece of polypeptide) are right handed (Fig.

In proteins where a-helices are arranged in coiled coils, the amino acid sequence in those particular proteins is again contrived by evolution to get that effect: it cannot be done with a random amino acid sequence. Every three and a half residues there is an amino acid with a large hydrophobic side chain which interlocks with another on the inside of the coiled coil to make the whole structure stick together. The idea of symmetry forcing the hand, then the amino acid sequence being contrived to support that structure, became ingrained in the thinking of molecular biologists and persisted for some time.

Proc R SOCA Math Phys Sci 203:321-357 Bryan RK, Barsal M, Folkhard W, Nave C, Marvin DA 1983 Maximum entropy calculation of the electron density at 4 A resolution of Pfl filamentous bacteriophage. Biophysics 80:4728-473 1 Chothia C, Levitt M, Richardson D 1981 Helix to helix packing in proteins. J Mol Biol 145:215-250 Cohen C 1955 Optical rotation and polypeptide chain configuration in proteins. Nature (Lond) 175:129-130 Cohen C, Parry DAD 1986 a-helical coiled coils-a widespread motif in proteins.

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