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Describes the constitution and serve as of significant peptides from numerous assorted organisms. an exhilarating improvement is using those peptides or their analogues within the remedy and prevention of infectious ailments. Considers ways that those peptides can be utilized to manage the insect vectors of key pathogens together with the malarial parasite. Discusses the function of antimicrobial peptides within the mammalian immune approach and their interplay with different elements of that procedure.


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The latter are a heterogeneous group of peptide antibiotics from Enterobacteriaceae of which microcin B17 is most interesting because it is a potent inhibitor of bacterial gyrase. It has much in common with the lantibiotics (see below) in that it is derived from a precursor peptide which is posttranslationally modified. Modifications take place at the peptide backbone and 30 Sahl include serine, cysteine and glycine residues, resulting in thiazole and oxazole rings (Bayer et al 1993). The peptide is activated by removal of an N-terminal leader peptide.

They are synthesized as prepeptides with a characteristic N-terminal leader peptide. In some cases genes for immunity peptides were found in close proximity to structural genes; furthermore, twocomponent response regulators seem to be involved in the regulation of their synthesis. The biosynthetic genes for lantibiotics are also organized in operons. Lantibiotic gene clusters include genes encoding the unique enzymes which dehydrate serine and threonine and form the characteristic thioether-bridged lanthionines.

G. megacin A). Helveticin J is a 37 kDa bacteriocin from Lactobacillus helveticus which has been cloned and sequenced (Klaenhammer 1993); its mode of action is unknown. The majority of the peptide bacteriocins are relatively thermostable, have molecular masses of 2-6 kDa and are currently subdivided into lantibiotics (see below) and unmodified peptides (non-lantibiotics). The latter share several characteristic features. ( I ) The structural genes from which the peptides are derived code for prepeptides with an N-terminal extension (leader peptide); selected peptides are shown in Table 2.

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