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ISBN-10: 0444901779

ISBN-13: 9780444901774

ISBN-10: 047072062X

ISBN-13: 9780470720622

Chapter 1 Chairman's advent (pages 1–3): Colin F. Mills
Chapter 2 nutritional assets of Copper (pages 5–22): H.T. Delves
Chapter three Absorption, shipping and Distribution of Copper (pages 23–48): Ian Bremner
Chapter four Metabolic Interactions of Copper with different hint components (pages 49–65): Colin F. Mills
Chapter five Copper Proteins and Copper Enzymes (pages 71–91): A.E.G. Cass and H.A.O. Hill
Chapter 6 Caeruloplasmin: A Multi?Functional Metalloprotein of Vertebrate Plasma (pages 93–124): Earl Frieden
Chapter 7 Superoxide Dismutases (pages 125–142): Hosni Moustafa Hassan
Chapter eight Copper, Biogenic Amines, and Amine Oxidases (pages 143–161): T.L. Sourkes
Chapter nine Copper and the Synthesis of Elastin and Collagen (pages 163–182): Edward D. Harris, John ok. Rayton, James E. Balthrop, Robert A. Di Silvestro and Margaret Garcia?de?Quevedo
Chapter 10 Copper Deficiency in Ruminants (pages 183–207): Cecil H. McMurray
Chapter eleven Copper Deficiency in people (pages 209–225): David M. Danks
Chapter 12 Copper in Fetal and Neonatal improvement (pages 227–245): Lucille S. Hurley, Carl L. willing and Bo Lonnerdal
Chapter thirteen Copper and Neurological functionality (pages 247–266): D.M. Hunt
Chapter 14 Copper and Hepatic functionality (pages 267–282): Charles A. Owen
Chapter 15 healing makes use of of Copper?Chelating brokers (pages 283–299): Ragnar Osterberg
Chapter sixteen Anaerobic Potentiation of Copper Toxicity and a few Environmental concerns (pages 301–324): David C.H. McBrien
Chapter 17 Chairman's last comments (pages 325–330): Colin F. generators

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Ann Clin Biochem 16:299-306 El-Shobaki FA, Rummel W 1979 Binding of copper to mucosal transferrin and inhibition of intestinal iron absorption in rats. Res Exp Med 174:187-195 Evans OW, Johnson PE 1978 Copper- and zinc-binding ligands in the intestinal mucosa. In: Kirchgessner M (ed) Trace element metabolism in man and animals. Arbeitskreis fur Tierernahrungsforschung,Freising-Weihenstephan, vol 3:98-105 Evans GW, Wolenetz ML, Grace CI 1975 Copper-binding proteins in the neonatal and adult rat liver soluble fraction.

Natural occurrence of copper metallothionein When rats are injected with tracer amounts of [@Cu]albumin,much of the @Cuis rapidly incorporated into a protein of low molecular weight in the liver (Marceau & Aspin 1973). This naturally occurring copper protein in rat liver has never been identified, principally because its concentration is so low. However, hepatic copper concentrations are much higher in coppersupplemented pigs and in newborn calves, and the analogous copper proteins from these animals have been purified (Bremner & Young 1976a, Hartmann & Weser 1977).

2. Fractionation of the small intestine from control and brindled mice on Sephadex G 75. 4). 6 cg/g wet wt for the brindled ( 0 ) and control (0)mice respectively. The metallothionein fraction is eluted at around tube 37. (I. T. ) cy of copper absorption; Davies & Williams (1976) found that 54% of a single intragastric dose of @Cuwas absorbed by pregnant rats, compared with only 26% by non-pregnant animals. Because oestrogen administration inhibits copper absorption in rats (Cohen et a1 1979), the increased absorption during pregnancy may result from the increased demand for copper rather than from changes in hormonal status.

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