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ISBN-10: 0272796360

ISBN-13: 9780272796368

ISBN-10: 0470720662

ISBN-13: 9780470720660

Chapter 1 creation: signs, Receptors and Repertoire in Haemopoietic Differentiation (pages 1–4): Melvyn F. Greaves
Chapter 2 Haemopoiesis in Mammalian Bone Marrow (pages 5–21): L. Weiss
Chapter three Self?Renewing Haemopoietic Progenitor Cells and the criteria Controlling Proliferation and Differentiation (pages 22–37): T. M. Dexter
Chapter four Haemopoietic Microenvironments in vitro: Ultras Tructural facets (pages 38–67): T. D. Allen
Chapter five legislation and Localization of Lymphocyte construction within the Bone Marrow (pages 68–86): D. G. Osmond, M. T. E. Fahlman, G. M. Fulop and D. M. Rahal
Chapter 6 Environmental elements in Haemopoietic Failure in people (pages 87–108): E. C. Gordon?Smith and M. Y. Gordon
Chapter 7 Mapping cellphone floor Antigen Expression of Haemopoietic Progenitor Cells utilizing Monoclonal Antibodies (pages 109–129): Melvyn Greaves, Jean Robinson, Domenico Delia, Robert Sutherland, Roland Newman and Colin Sieff
Chapter eight Lymphoid Differentiation in vitro (pages 130–160): J. W. Schrader, P. F. Bartlett, I. Clark?Lewis and A. W. Boyd
Chapter nine Microanatomy of the Thymus: Its dating to T phone Differentiation (pages 161–177): Robert V. Rouse and Irving L. Weissman
Chapter 10 Expression and serve as of significant Histocompatibility advanced Antigens within the constructing Thymus: reports on common and Nude Mice (pages 178–192): E. J. Jenkinson
Chapter eleven The Human Thymic Microenvironment (pages 193–214): G. Janossy, J. A. Thomas, G. Goldstein and F. J. Bollum
Chapter 12 mobile and Molecular indications in T phone Differentiation (pages 215–245): Jean?Francois Bach and Martine Papiernik
Chapter thirteen Histophysiology of Follicular buildings and Germinal Centres with regards to B mobile Differentiation (pages 246–264): P. Nieuwenhuis, N. A. Gastkemper and D. Opstelten
Chapter 14 The function of Germinal Centres within the iteration of Immunological reminiscence (pages 265–280): G. G. B. Klaus and Annalisa Kunkl
Chapter 15 Antigen?Presenting Cells together with Langerhans Cells, Veiled Cells and Interdigitating Cells (pages 281–301): Brigid M. Balfour, H. A. Drexhage, E. W. A. Kamperdijk and Elisabeth Ch. M. Hoefsmit
Chapter sixteen Differentiation of functionality between Antigen?Presenting Cells (pages 302–334): J. H. Humphrey
Chapter 17 Chairman's Summing?Up (pages 335–336): Melwn F. Greaves

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FIG. 4. Section from cell in an erythroid mouse bone marrow culture demonstrating the typical cytoplasmic morphology of the early megakaryocyte series. X 8200. 44 ALLEN HAEMOPOIETIC ULTRASTRUCTURE IN VITRO 45 FIGS. 6, 7. Scanning electron micrographs of early stages of mouse erythroid differentiation. 6. Proerythroblast showing irregular morphology, deeply sculptured surface and occasional microvilli. x 14000. 7. Mid-mature erythroblast. Microvilli have been lost, and the surface is deeply grooved.

Formed by coalescence of numerous smaller droplets (Fig. 12). The ultrastructural features of the cultured adipocytes, such as the absence of glycogen, and reduced endoplasmic reticulum during lipid synthesis, distinguish them from extramedullary adipocytes (Tavassoli 1976). Reticulum cells The wall of the venous sinus in bone marrow consists of three layers: endothelium, basement membrane, and adventitial cells (Weiss, this volume). The ‘adventitial cells’ or ‘adventitial reticular cells’ are the cells that form the stromal reticulum of normal bone marrow.

Certainly, long-term cultures offer a means of approaching the problem of cell lineage-specific regulators and, maybe, differentiation factors themselves. Isolation of factor-dependent cell lines from long-term cultures Long-term cultures, as discussed, provide a useful system for analysing stem cell regulation. One of %hemore unusual results to emerge from this system was obtained from a series of experiments designed to test the capacity of progenitor cells to form permanently growing cell lines, in appropriate conditioned media.

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