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By Carol Myers-Scotton

ISBN-10: 0195115228

ISBN-13: 9780195115222

ISBN-10: 1429404450

ISBN-13: 9781429404457

Carol Myers-Scotton has edited a suite of essays that covers the alternative of 1 variety of English over one other in every thing from Bible translations to "surprise in poetry" to supervisor-worker interactions at the car meeting line. a huge topic built to various levels in those papers is the inspiration that audio system and writers, as rational actors, make the most the unmarked-marked competition relating to viewers expectancies with a purpose to show messages of intentionality charged with social or mental import.

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Norms are discussed further later. THE PROBLEM OF RO SETS The unmarked RO set for a given interaction type (or genre, if literary works are the subject) is derived from whatever situational features are salient for the community for that interaction type. As I noted in Social Motivations (1993), I do not attempt to specify what those situational features are. I avoid doing so for three reasons: First, the same situational features are not relevant in all interaction types (or genres) or across all communities.

However, just because these various views share the idea of joint enterprise does not mean all their premises are complementary. Conversation analysis, for example, emphasizes the contribution of the surface structural features of a conversation to the ultimate meaning that participants derive 22 OVERVIEW from an interaction. Sequential organization in particular is a major feature studied. In contrast, the three models under discussion in this section (Grice's cooperative principle model, Sperber and Wilson's relevance theory, and my MM) would say that in addition to the referential messages in words and their configurations, the critical messages in discourse are in mental calculations of what is being inferred, not in how surface structures are aligned.

In Contexts of accommodation: developments in applied linguistics, ed. Howard Giles, Nikolas Coupland, and Justine Coupland, 1-68. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Giles, Howard, and John M. Wiemann. 1987. Language, social comparison and power. In Handbook of communication science, ed. Charles R. Berger and Steven H. Chaffee, 350-386. : Sage. Goffman, Erving. 1967. The presentation of self in everyday life. Harmondsworth: Penguin. Grice, H. Paul. 1975. Logic and conversation. In Syntax and semantics, vol.

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