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By Michael Atiyah

ISBN-10: 0198532784

ISBN-13: 9780198532781

Professor Atiyah is likely one of the maximum dwelling mathematicians and is widely known through the mathematical global. he's a recipient of the Fields Medal, the mathematical identical of the Nobel Prize, and continues to be on the height of his profession. His large variety of released papers, targeting the components of algebraic geometry and topology, have right here been amassed into six volumes, divided thematically for simple reference through contributors attracted to a specific topic. Volumes III and IV hide papers written in 1963-84 and are the results of a protracted collaboration with I. M. Singer at the Index conception of elliptic operators.

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1 1 ivI(E) ( I(E) if and only if = 0, Vo - Pivi i + F v. )v 1 Pi 1 i vidp. dx = 0. ), >. E IR. 1 Now the first equation implies that Vo = >. F . 1 Pi Consequently A(I) = span {Fpi (8/axi) + plPi(IJ/8Z) - (Fxi +F zp)(8/ap)}, and the dimension of A(I) is one. The Cauchy characteristic curve of E in 1R2n +1 are the integral curves of the system dxi/Fpi = -dpJ(Fxi+Fzp) = dz/(plp)' These equations were first obtained by Charpit and Lagrange. To construct an ELEMENTARY DIFFERENTIAL SYSTEMS 34 integral manifold of dimension n it suffices to take an (n-1)-dimensional integral manifold transverse to the Cauchy characteristic vector field and draw the characteristic curves through its points.

Summarizing all this we make the following Definition. In case 0 (E) :/: 0 we define the p-th character s = s (E) by P P P P So + sl + ... ), E E 0 (E). +sp-1)· (T (E) to be P Note that if EP-1 is a regular element so that the dimension of its polar space is minimal, then (T P + p = dim H{EP-1). Note also that V/E) :/: 0 if and only if (TP ~ O. We leave it to the reader to check that 'I (E) and 0 (E) are Zariski-open in P P V (E), and that 'I (E) is dense in 0 (E). P P P Let V be an n-dimensional vector space and pick a sequence of integers o< n1 < ...

If p = 0, then by our assumption 0o(E) is all of M which is trivially irreducible. Consider 1(X) C Gp,p_l, ... ,1(M), where X is Zariski-open in V (E) p c G (M). p Note that if {El c ... c E P} E x and let 1 reg (X) c 1(X) denote the set of all regular flags terminating at some EP E X. (E). I c 0P(E), x Suppose that X continuity argument 1 reg (X) is Zariski-open in 1(X). Since 1 p-I(E) is dense in 0p-l(E), it is also irreducible. irreducible. 1 ~ (1 p- Assume that 0p-I(E) is Similarly I(E)) is irreducible.

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Collected Works: Volume 4, Index Theory: 2 by Michael Atiyah

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