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By Greg Lynch

ISBN-10: 1905176058

ISBN-13: 9781905176052

Conan the Roleplaying video game has been largely approved by means of avid gamers because the so much dramatic boost in gaming because the arrival of the d20 process. full of cutting edge principles and fascinating innovations, it’s the main referred to RPG of the 12 months. the variety of winning Conan releases has in simple terms bolstered this, and Messantia – urban of Riches maintains that culture. Messantia – urban of Riches is the second one towns field set for Conan the Roleplaying online game, following an identical development because the highly expected Shadizar – urban of the depraved. located at the southern coast of Argos, Messantia is a worldly buying and selling urban the place enterprise is king and any deal should be performed if the fee is true. This certain field set not just comprises 3 certain resource books, a superbly rendered poster dimension map in addition to a range of different place maps. Messantia is a sea port the place whatever can take place and lots of adventures commence their tales in its winding streets and vast quaysides. Written through intriguing newcomer, Greg Lynch, Messantia – urban of Riches is sure to be one other renowned addition to Conan the Roleplaying video game.

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The population, at a little more that 1,000 people, relies on self-policing. Cranetown has grown extremely clannish over the course of its existence, with five major families rising to control the settlement. The most powerful of these is the Duchis family, relatives and descendants of Parsion. Though lesser in power than the Duchis family, the other four, the Biscios, Cortesius, Guadentus and Tictius families, remain very influential in Cranetown. All five clans have close ties to House Drusus, the only Merchant House with major interests in Cranetown, a near-monopoly the House has vigorously defended.

No longer did they have to fight the currents, the tides and the wallowing merchant ships to get out of Messantia’s wharves and go to work. Some returned to the mainland when the plague ended, but most chose to remain in their new village on the waves. Life in Cranetown did not remain as peaceful or idyllic as Parsion and his followers imagined it would be, however. There were many problems they had not foreseen, such as the lack of any fresh water or new building materials. Cisterns and salvage helped with both of these problems, but could not overcome them.

These bits of debris are clues to the cemetery’s past, which is darker than anyone in Messantia understands. At the height of the Acheronian civilisation, long before the Hyborian invasion, this was the site of a temple to their foul and forgotten gods. It was a place of darkest sorcery and horrible sacrifices in which thousands lost their lives. The Hyborians destroyed the temple utterly, scattering the broken remains, but some remnant of that old evil still sleeps here. In time, the people of the fledgling nation of Argos forgot what had once been here, and through unfortunate chance chose this place, with its weird, rotted stones, as their graveyard.

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