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  • March 17, 2018
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By Paul G. Hewitt

ISBN-10: 0321818504

ISBN-13: 9780321818508

This best-selling creation to the actual and lifestyles sciences emphasizes thoughts over computation and treats equations as a advisor to considering so the reader can attach ideas.


Conceptual built-in Science covers physics, chemistry, earth technological know-how, astronomy, and biology at a degree acceptable for non-science scholars. The conceptual process relates technological know-how to daily life, is own and direct, deemphasizes jargon, and emphasizes relevant principles. The conceptual principles function the basis aiding and integrating all of the sciences.


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Tenny Lim, lead designer of its descent stage, stands in front of a model of Curiosity in the photo above to show its size. Tenny’s science and engineering career was ignited when she was in Paul Hewitt’s conceptual physics class. Science is a way of seeing the world and making sense of it. Science is also a human endeavor, as Tenny well knows when she teams with other investigators at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Science is the culmination of centuries of human effort from all parts of the world, making it the legacy of countless thinkers and experimenters of the past.

This is expressed as v = gt, where v is the speed picked up, g is the acceleration of free fall, and t is the time of fall. What type of mathematical relation is this? 2. A spring stretches and compresses according to Hooke’s law, which states F = kx, where F is the force, k is the spring constant, and x is the stretched or compressed distance. For a certain spring with a spring constant of 3 N/cm, how much force is needed to stretch this spring 4 cm past its resting length? Solutions 1. This relationship is of the form x ∼ y, a direct proportion.

5. 4. The fish were presented with solitary sea butterflies, which they took into their mouths but promptly spat back out. The fish readily ate uncoupled amphipods but spit out any amphipod coupled with a sea butterfly. These are the results expected if the sea butterfly was secreting some sort of chemical deterrent. The same results would be obtained, however, if a predator fish simply didn’t like the feel of a sea butterfly in its mouth. The results of this simple test were therefore ambiguous.

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Conceptual Integrated Science by Paul G. Hewitt

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