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By Scott Barbour

ISBN-10: 0737703369

ISBN-13: 9780737703368

Essays current a number of perspectives on no matter if drug prohibition is an efficient process, even if drug legislation may be liberalized, and even if marijuana could be legalized for scientific use.

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New PDF release: Current Controversies - Drug Legalization (hardcover

Essays current various perspectives on even if drug prohibition is a good technique, even if drug legislation may be liberalized, and even if marijuana will be legalized for scientific use.

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We fear the violence that surrounds drug markets. We abhor the “If we are to make inroads effect it has on our children’s lives. ” young people. Today, dangerous drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines are cheaper and more potent than they were at the height of our domestic drug problem fifteen or twenty years ago. In Arizona, ninety percent of homicides in 1996 were related to methamphetamines. No nation can afford such devastating social, health, and criminal consequences. Demand: The Root Cause of the Drug Problem No one should doubt that the demand for illegal drugs lies at the heart of the global drug problem.

Something is there, but it’s not what was there 24 hours earlier. Everything reeks of nine different fragrances—like the men’s cologne department at Macy’s. My address books were also taken—not copied, taken. As you can imagine, all this is most disorienting, especially for a born-again marijuana addict like me. How the DEA Works A few random observations: While rummaging through my publishing company, a DEA agent told the publishing staff, “You guys had better start looking for new jobs. If the DEA doesn’t take this place for marijuana, the IRS will.

I have precisely three porn magazines in my house, hidden deep away in my sock drawer. ) The magazines were removed from their stash and placed on top of random objects before photographing them. A jury, looking at these photographs, would think I “While rummaging through have pornography all over the place. ” When the DEA agents found a collection of Playboys at the offices of Prelude Press (the Playboy Forum is, in fact, one of the best anti-prohibition information sources around), I am told (as I was not there) that three of the male DEA agents spent a great deal of time testosteronistically pawing through and making typically sexist comments about portions of the magazine that have nothing to do with drugs—but that are obviously addictive nonetheless.

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