Download PDF by Gustavo V Barbosa-Cánovas; Humberto Vega-Mercado: Dehydration of foods

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By Gustavo V Barbosa-Cánovas; Humberto Vega-Mercado

ISBN-10: 144194723X

ISBN-13: 9781441947239

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010 kg of water/kg of dry air and leaves at 45°C. Calculate the air flow and outlet humidity, assuming Ql = QL = O. Answer Using Eq. 01 - Wd Using Eqs. 01] . 01 . 88 . Wd] . (45 - O) + (Wa2 . 6 . 465 . 06 . 187 . 465 . 005 . 187 . 02 kJ/kg of dry solid H~l Replacing the enthalpy values in Eq. (31): Fa . 39 + 500 . 6 . Wa2) + 500 . 2 Continuous Dryer With Recirculation The recirculation of the drying air is used to reduce costs and control humidity. 9. A material balance on the heater leads to: Fal Wal + Fa6Wa2 = (Fal + Fa6)Wa4 Recirculated air _ 6 Fa.

Starch, casein, soy flour) on water activity. The model is based on the relationship between the moisture content and water activity of each component in the food. Lang and Steinberg (1981) considered the Smith equation to describe food sorption isotherm data. The Smith model is expressed as: InO - aw ) = (X - aj)lbj (53) where ai and bi are evaluated from the plot of M versus In(l - a w ) and X is the moisture content. 3 Water Activity 49 where M is the moisture content of the mixture, W is the total dry material of the mixture, Wi is the dry material of each component i, and ai and bi are the Smith equation constants (intercept and slope) for each component i in the mixture.

18) is reduced to Raoult's Law: 36 Physical, Chemical, and Microbiological Characteristics of Dehydrated Foods (19) The ratio of partial pressure to saturation pressure, as expressed by Eq. (12), can be applied to Eq. (19) to reduce it to the following expres sion: (20) Equation (20) is considered for dilute solutions (ideal mixtures). Equations (12) and (20) can be expressed for water as: (21) (22) where a w is the water activity, Pw is the partial pressure of water in the vapor phase, P~ is the saturation pressure of pure water, and X w is the molar fraction of water in the mixture.

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