Gurps High-Tech by S. A. Fisher, Michael Hurst, Hans-Christian Vortisch PDF

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By S. A. Fisher, Michael Hurst, Hans-Christian Vortisch

ISBN-10: 1556347707

ISBN-13: 9781556347702

All of the apparatus is right here! In 256 meticulously researched pages, GURPS High-Tech offers descriptions and stats for 1000s of different types of historic guns and private armor, cars from the stagecoach to trendy helicopters, and masses extra. GURPS High-Tech additionally has the equipment and contraptions characters want. conversation, from early telegraphs to fashionable pcs; instruments of the exchange for detectives, spies, and thieves; tenting apparatus, rations, and first-aid kits; company playing cards, watches, and classy duds - this booklet has every thing, for encounters from the desert to excessive society and every little thing in among. GURPS High-Tech is the total source for gear from the 18th century throughout the smooth age, and should be preferred by means of video game Masters it doesn't matter what approach they use!

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XS/5 hrs. LC4. Tiny Radio (TL8). A civilian pocket radio. High-end models may have GPS capability. 2-mile range. , XS/10 hrs. LC4. Radio Options (TL6) As well as modifiers for quality (p. B345) and the options under Integrating and Modifying Equipment (pp. 910), radios may have some special modifications. Multiply cost factors together, and do the same for weight factors. 38 Size Difference Code-Only (TL6). Many early radios are “CW-only,” meaning that they can only transmit in Morse code (or similar).

Long-haul trains stop less frequently and travel at higher speeds. Express trains have only a few stops and move as fast as is practicable. At TL8, high-speed passenger trains can be thought of as “super-express” trains – France’s TGV, Germany’s ICE, and Japan’s Shinkansen reach speeds of 170 mph or more! Sailing vessels continue to compete with steam until TL6 – but in 1807, Robert Fulton’s Clermont, a 100-tonner whose paddlewheels barely made 5 mph, ushered in a new age in water transport. Steam had a profound impact on river traffic, where constant thrust against the steady current was desirable.

Hotplate (TL6). Does 1d-3 burn to a hand pressed to it. Useful for lab experiments! , external power. LC4. Toaster (TL6). Does 1d-3 burn to a hand trapped in it. Later models pop up and automatically switch off (rigging one as a time-delay trigger requires a Traps roll). , external power. LC4. Vacuum Cleaner (TL6). Helpful for collecting specimens, cleaning up alien spores, etc. , external power. LC4. Waffle Iron (TL6). Damage is as for a hotplate. Handy for making soles for athletic shoes, too.

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