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By Marylou Ambrose, Veronica Deisler

ISBN-10: 1464512469

ISBN-13: 9781464512469

INVESTIGATING COCAINE AND CRACK takes a glance on the severe and in all likelihood lethal outcomes linked to crack and cocaine abuse. own tales and the most recent facts carry the risks of this tremendous habit-forming drug into concentration.

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But with hard work and the help of support groups, family, and friends, people can overcome their addictions. Chapter 2 CENTURIES of Cocaine Did you know that cocaine is one of the oldest natural drugs in history? It was first found in the leaves of coca plants that grew in the Andes Mountains of South America, especially in Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. The Native Americans of that region have been chewing coca leaves for at least five thousand years. Many of them still do. They also brewed the coca leaves in an herbal tea called “mate de coca,” which is still popular today.

Still, compared to cocaine and crack, caffeine is a very mild stimulant with few risks. Take these caffeine-related side effects and risks and multiply them many, many times to get an idea of what you’re up against if you take cocaine or crack. Cocaine and crack are powerfully addictive. They give a feeling of euphoria—also called a “high” or a “rush”—by changing the way the brain works. The drugs enter the blood and head straight to the nerve cells in the brain. There, they totally confuse an important brain chemical called dopamine, which controls feelings of pleasure.

This book gives you the truth about cocaine and crack cocaine. It shows where cocaine comes from and how it works in your body and your brain. It also explains what attracts people to cocaine and describes the latest methods for prevention and treatment. You’ll learn that using cocaine really does have side effects. Plus, you’ll find stories about actual people who’ve been affected by cocaine and crack addiction. You or your friends may be faced with the decision to use cocaine someday. The information you find here will help you make an informed choice for yourself and the people you care about.

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