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By Sneak Attack Press

Bombs fell. Billions died. Now you need to decide up the items and rebuild this damaged Earth.

Broken Earth is an event atmosphere that occurs in a post-apocalyptic model of Earth. It bargains with a small fraction of the area, what used to be the northern Midwest of the U.S., and a tiny little bit of southern principal Canada. As an event atmosphere, damaged Earth comprises many compelling destinations and adventures, but in addition provides the heroes freedom to discover the world.

The ebook provides the GM every thing you want to run a protracted crusade within the damaged Earth environment, together with destinations, NPCs, plot issues, mutant monsters, and a close first experience that brings the social gathering together.

This e-book additionally includes every little thing within the damaged Earth Player's advisor. when you are a participant in a damaged Earth crusade you should try out the Player's advisor in its place. while you are a GM you want to simply get this booklet. you don't need both.

This is the Savage Worlds appropriate model of the e-book. The is additionally a Pathfinder RPG appropriate model.

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Medicine Stockpile The town has a large stockpile of medication that it can call on in times of need. Community Benefit: The community gains a +2 bonus to Economy tests to resist epidemic events and other diseases. PC Benefit: Characters going through natural healing and receiving medical attention gain the bonus as though it were 1941 or better. Building Edges The community gains these Edges from constructing the appropriate buildings in their community. Some hexes already contain buildings in them, and if the heroes’ community takes control of the hex, they automatically gain the benefits of the building.

The GM has more details about Wild Cards that might visit in the GM's section. Winter Winters are harsh in the area described in Broken Earth. Snow makes travel difficult, food becomes scarce, and those without shelter can easily freeze to death. Every week during winter, the community consumes one Food for every hex it controls. Running Out of Food: If the community runs out of Food, its people risk death by starvation. The community makes an Economy test, with a penalty equal to the number of weeks that the community has been out of food.

These are simply collections of farmers or fisher folk who live relatively near to each other for their own protection. They only have one or maybe two buildings other than the houses, and are supported by Wright Town. Freaky Town: A community that dwells in the remains of Minneapolis. Because of high radiation levels, they are exclusively freaks. They mostly keep to themselves, but some want to either explore or conquer neighboring communities. Green Empire: A large (by post-apocalyptic standards) power that controls several towns in the remains of Iowa.

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