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By Great White Games

ISBN-10: 0976360136

ISBN-13: 9780976360131

Every body is aware there aren't any things like monsters. you recognize larger. To the normal humans of Victorian society, monsters are yet foolish superstitions or the inexpensive fiction of the penny books bought at the streets. yet you're faraway from usual. you could have obvious horrors fearsome sufficient to forestall a courageous man?s middle, and you've got lived to inform the story. you're a Ripper?one of a mystery band of monster hunters devoted to saving humanity and the horrors that stalk the evening are your prey. to help you, Rippers extract the essence of those monsters powers and use them to augment your talents. yet be warned, through taking such bad measures you probability wasting your brain or worse. Torn among the necessity for better strength and the specter of terrifying madness, you want to opt for how most sensible to struggle the creatures of the evening. select good; for if the Rippers fail, humanity is misplaced! Rippers is a a hundred and forty four web page full-color Plot element atmosphere for the Savage Worlds Roleplaying video game.

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Strange Locales Flora Fountain: This fountain, depicting the Roman goddess of flowers, was constructed in honor of Sir Bartle Frere, governor of Bombay from 1862-1867. Unbeknownst to most people, 38 L HASA Lhasa, also known as the “place of the gods,” is the capital of Tibet. Built in the Lhasa River valley, most of the city is situated in the mountains, thousands of feet above the river. Strange Locales Potala Palace (In:12 Me:6 Re:6 Fa:14): The Red Palace is the home of the Dalai Lama and a Ripper lodge run by the Order of St.

The Atlantean priests used magic to shapeshift into aquatic creatures, hoping they would be protected against the ocean currents. Instead, the disrupted magical field transformed them into Old Ones—hideous tentacled monstrosities. Trapped in the dark, with no humans to feed upon, the other Atlanteans themselves began to change. They went mad from hunger and mutated into part humanoid, part aquatic monsters. Now thousands of the feral vampires prowl the darkened halls of the lost city, waiting for their chance to return to the surface world.

Those areas not covered by ice are either barren rock, or ice shelves with no land under them whatsoever. Though no one lives in Antarctica, it still has secrets to reveal… E NCOUNTERS Aside from the Samat and the Damned Thing, little lives in Antarctica, and nothing grows besides mosses, lichens, algae, and a few scrag- 36 ASIA In the aftermath of the Opium Wars, Asia is undergoing a period of forced Westernization. The situation is further aggravated by a series of disasters, including the first Sino-Japanese War, an earthquake in Japan, and a devastating plague in China.

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