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By Pinnacle Entertainment

ISBN-10: 098152818X

ISBN-13: 9780981528182

Go through any of the black holes that dot the universe and also you input Slipstream, a pocket universe of shattered worlds. Slipstream is domestic to myriad extraterrestrial beings, however it is additionally their legal, for there is not any escape.

Amid the fragments of worlds ideas the technology and style of Nineteen Thirties Saturday morning pulp serials, for Slipstream is a realm of square-jawed heroes, ray weapons, bizarre technological know-how, and rocketships. it's a realm the place the morals are black and white, the place sturdy triumphs over evil, and the place probability lurks at each turn.

Ruling over Slipstream is the diabolical queen Anathraxa and her horde of Hand Maidens, Primals, and Minions. All bow sooner than her, paying tribute to prevent destruction. None have had the braveness to face opposed to her forces, no less than now not beforehand. For this is often the position your heroes will take-bastions of sunshine opposed to a depressing foe! Strap in your rocket pack, cost your ray gun, and get ready to blast off on wild and unique adventures!

Slipstream is a pulp technology fiction Plot element surroundings for the award-winning Savage Worlds RPG. (full colour, hardcover & PDF codecs, a hundred and sixty pages)

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Its strong superstructure is impressively armored and with a full compliment of weapons it makes a formidable target. Its low speed and poor handling, however, make it an easy target for faster vessels. Toughness: 24(7) Acc/TS: 15/50 Crew: 3+20 Climb: 10 Cargo Space: 12 Travel Speed: 2 Cost: $22,000 Handling: –2 Weapons: 1 nose + 6 swivel mounted Valkyrian Roc ketship The Valkyrian rocketship is the smallest vessel in regular use and built for one purpose—warfare. The pilot actually flies by lying on a couch, using her hands to steer and fire weapons and her feet to control acceleration and braking.

Not easy weapons to wield effectively, a success on the Fighting roll means that the target has been caught around his waist but his arms remain free. With a Raise the arms are pinned as well. Because the opponent is held on the end of a rigid rod, he is incapable of movement. Pinned victims may attempt to break free. The victim must succeed in an opposed Strength roll if pinned around the waist. Escaping when the arms are pinned is much harder; the victim’s Strength roll suffers a –4 penalty. The man catcher has a d12+4 Strength for resisting escape attempts.

Powered Armor The one distinguishing memory that remains forever locked in the minds of those who have seen a Handmaiden is their powered armor. No other race has ever managed to produce a suit, and the mystery of where the Handmaidens acquire their armor remains a popular topic in settlements throughout the universe. The rules for powered armor can be found in the Savage Worlds rulebook. No Slipstream equivalent of a Heavy Suit is known to exist. Spacesuit, Normal Spacesuits in Slipstream are form-fitting garments comprising a body suit, gauntlets, boots, and a bubble helmet.

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